New Thing #1: Capoeira

On Monday night this week, I was on the 99 bus heading east along Broadway when it stopped outside this place: Ache Brasil Capoeira.  As I sat on the bus looking out the window, I noticed how cool these ladies were leaving the place, they looked so toned and exotic (Capoeria is Brazilian afterall) = I want to be toned and exotic! So I looked it up and made plans to try out an introduction class on Wednesday.  Bonus for me, the first class is free!

4pm rolls around and I head down to Broadway from New Westminster, and arrive just early enough to fill out some waiver forms (It’s a dangerous activity and I could get hurt!)… knowing me, I would get hurt but it’d probably be self inflicted because I’m so out of shape these days.

So basically, I signed up for an hour of squats and all I can say now (2 days later) is that I’m still in pain! But boyyyy was it fun. I even think that I might sign up and go again.

There were only 6 of us students, including myself and my friend Arely, who I persuaded to join me. The class started off with some unusual warmups, some moves that looked akin to leap frogging across the room and doing mini-cartwheels (which made me laugh as only 2 weeks prior to this, I pulled a muscle doing a cartwheel at work and had to fill out an incident report form, much to my bosses amusement!).

We learned a few moves which take more than hour to practice and get a handle of, but now I can duck and kick (kinda) but with more fancier names… ginga, cadeira, negativa, esquiva, meia lua de frente (all names I had to google)

And just to end on a positive note, the advanced class that started straight after our class arrived before we finished, which meant they got to see my flabby butt trying to kick and duck… and they got to show off what it’s supposed to look like, which is this below: