New Thing #2: A Chinese Feast

I had the fortunate invitation to a friends wedding and reception last weekend, since I’ve lived in Vancouver I’ve been to 4 weddings and I realised that 3 of them have been Asian brides, this was another and the most Chinese of all! At least food-wise, which is what is prompting this post because this is a big deal for me the white girl from England, but I like to try new things…

The reception was at Empire Seafood Restaurant in Richmond and consisted of a 13 course meal.. to my white appetite, most items were suspect… but I committed to trying everything!

And everything I tried! These Chinese delicacies were….. interesting! Birdsnest soup, Abalone (sea snail), Lobster, Red Bean dessert… to name a few.

I’m proud of myself, because if I’d known what I was eating at the time then perhaps I would not have been so full at the end. haha.

Either ways, it was a wonderful day celebrating the marriage of my friend who looked beautiful!